29 Apr

Firstly I hope you are well and are managing to keep safe and healthy in these strange and confusing times. I’m managing to keep busy in my new creative studio as well as cooking far too many cakes to keep us all happy while my family are at home.

I thought it might be a nice idea to post a gallery of my favourite pictures from my Instagram feed every month for anyone who is not on Instagram or who doesn't have the time to scroll through the hundreds of pictures that pop up in their feeds everyday. I know I find it a struggle to keep up with everyone all of the time, and I'm sure I miss some some beautiful posts which escape under the radar. 

For anyone who does have an Instagram account, if you would like to be featured on my Stories, please use my new hashtag #akinderwaytoflourish on your pretty pictures!

At least the weather has been kind to us recently while we have been locked in and I’ve been enjoying the freshness of the spring garden, always a joy but being appreciated even more this this year what with all that’s going on in the world outside. I’m feeling very grateful for my little cottage garden, for me it’s a place to relax and unwind, even after a hard day’s weeding and digging I finish the day contented and ready to face whatever the next day brings.

I always think once the last of the daffodils have faded, summer is just around the corner ready to grace us with its roses and riotous colours in the herbaceous borders.

Indoors in the kitchen, rich beef stews and casseroles are being replaced with lighter fish and chicken dishes. One day last week in the warm sunshine we ate sardines in a lemony, garlic dressing which made us feel as though we were on a Mediterranean holiday. Risotto, one of my all time favourite things to eat, is king of the table at the moment, making the most of the garden asparagus which is always such a welcome sight in the vegetable patch. 

May is my favourite month of the year, not just because it is my birthday, but because of the joy it brings and the promise of summer delights to come, both in the garden and the kitchen.

I'm looking forward to sharing the busy month of May with you and I leave you with some highlights of my days creating, cooking and gardening at my little home and garden in Suffolk.

Lots of love,

Lindsey. xxx

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